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Our Firm

PKF Mexico is a consulting firm specializing in legal, financial, audit, and accounting services which has, in its 30 years in business, developed a strong image throughout the world.

Our Mission

PKF Mexico is committed, both with its personnel and its clients, to constant improvement in the quality of its services and its attention in all areas.

Our Vision

PKF Mexico will be the best option in fiscal and international financial services within Mexico, offering a superior quality and a great opportunity for both its current and future clients.

Our Alliance

PKF Mexico, as a member of PKF International, is one of the ten top accounting and consulting firms in the world, with more than 21,000 employees operating in 125 countries around the world. Wherever business is done, PKF Asesores de Negocios, S.C. can offer to its clients local expertise backed by the best resources of a worldwide firm.

Professional Quality

The combined experience of its Partners and Managers allows PKF México S.C. to offer the highest quality professional service.
Our job is to provide professional services of quality. To achieve this, our firm has an extensive training program which, by corporate policy, requires the active and permanent participation of the entire staff.
Under the leadership of its Partners and Managers, the entire team is aware of its availability and commitment to service in fulfilling all its client's needs. This commitment implies personal and team training, allowing PKF México, S.C. to achieve the quality it professes at each and every level within its organization

Effective Client Communication

We feel that continuous communication with our clients is essential to clearly understand their needs and to be able to offer prompt and viable alternative solutions to the required opportunities.
Our team is at your disposal to listen to your questions and problems, and then to give an answer quickly.
This communication process allows us to inform the management of our clients about results gained in each of our commitments so that, armed with the proper information, it can make the necessary decisions.

Business Knowledge and Evaluation of Needs

The economic atmosphere in which business is done in Mexico has undergone substantial modifications, and deeper changes will surely occur in the near future. These changes make business more difficult. Our commitment to service includes having a full knowledge of a company's business environment so we can identify its specific needs. Therefore, we can make precise and accurate evaluations and offer alternative solutions. Our policy is to assign one of our partners to each project. The partner in charge will offer personalized service and obtain any input needed from other areas of specialization so as to propose integrated solutions.

Our Client's Profiles

Due to our commitment to service, our firm has achieved a leadership position in our profession since its founding. Our confidence enables us to service not only a great variant of areas like mercantile, industrial and service-oriented, but also a variety of levels-from the family business to the multi-national corporation.

Quality Control

In order to offer world-class service, PKF Mexico has incorporated a total quality program within its accounting and auditing departments, with very strict quality control objectives. This quality control reinforces our commitment to excellence in those services rendered to its clients.

The quality control process guarantees that all the services offered by our Accounting Department comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Likewise, all work carried out by our Auditing Department is also in strict compliance with sound, generally accepted auditing practices.

Our Department of Professional Standards is in charge of designing and implementing in-service training on a continuous basis for our staff. In this manner, all our colleagues will have the necessary abilities to carry out their tasks and any assessments our clients and their staff may require.