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Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

A website that provides information on economic, financial and tax statistics of Mexico, projects, programs and activities in the financing area, and also shows the current regulations and services offered by the shcp.

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

The Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, S.A. de C.V. is a private institution, which works by concession of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, by strictly following the Stock Market Law. Their shareholders are exclusively the authorized brokerage houses, which own a share each.

BIE Banco de informacion financiera

More than 38.000 historic series with economic information about Mexico. Situational indicators, data for all the economic sectors, as well as the employment and unemployment situation, the prices and foreign trade, among other topics. Periodical and appropriate updates, according to the Schedule of Promotion of the Situational Information of the INEGI.

Presidency of the Republic

Official website of the Presidency of the Mexican Republic that includes government reports, references of presidential tours, speeches, visits, documents issued by the Federal Government as regards the conflict in the state of Chiapas, government resources, etc. It is a really interesting website

Bank of Mexico

The Bank of Mexico, created in 1925, is the central bank of the country. It is autonomous by constitutional mandate in the exercise of its duties and in its management. Their main goal is to search stability of the acquisitive power of the national currency.

Newsaper El economista

Check all sections of the newspaper in its daily publication.

Newspaper El Financiero

Check all sections of the newspaper in its daily publication.

University of Guadalajara

Academic information, admissions, news, publications and services


Life in campus, admission, graduates, university extension, teacher's room, etc, of the Western Institute of Higher Education..