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Legal Consultations

Our country's economic development and the market's requirements are forcing businessmen to depend on the use of legal instruments that will assure them legality in their daily affairs.

Therefore, legal counsel and documentary support of business operations carried out as an individual or a corporation is necessary to ensure that in the future, one can assure compliance with the obligations inherent to business transactions, sales or whatever mercantile action carried out with third parties.

PKF México, has specialists in this area that can offer the following services to your company:

Consistent and Complete Legal Audits: Reviewing the following the following aspects:

  • Corporate
  • Contractual
  • Licenses and Permits (Federal, State and County)
  • Public Services and Utilities
  • Insurance and Bonds
  • Loans and Credits
  • Industrial and Technological Property
  • Immigration
  • Fiscal Legislation
  • Labor Laws
  • Social Security
  • INFONAVIT (Government Housing)
  • Pending Lawsuits

Corporate Legalization and Modification:

  • Fiscal Defense (Dept. Of Treasury-SHCP, Internal Revenue Service-SAT, Government Housing-INFONAVIT, Social Security-IMSS, State Governments, Water Companies)
  • Defense related to Overseas Commerce (Customs, Ministry of Economy)
  • Administrative Affairs Defense (Consumer Protection Agency-PROFECO, Ministry of Labor-STPS, Health Department- S.S.A., Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries