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Human resources

Recruitment and selection of personnel

The staff is the key to achieving its goals, which is why PKF Mexico with the expertise of our specialists, development of tools and methodology, offers clients advisory on recruitment and selection of employees; which allows providing confidence and assurance that the personnel selected to work for you, is the best option.

Psychological Tests

Having staff with the knowledge and skills that the job requires is essential for organizations, which is why PKF Mexico has designed a number of tools to help you determine which candidates have the right profile to meet your needs.

Social-Economic Test

Being certain of the identity of our employees is critical in these days, which is why using a detailed investigation of the data, information and social-economic environment will provide you the assurance and confidence of your new employee.

Payroll Processing

We offer payroll preparation services, with the accuracy and promptness required by your company, ensuring the proper implementation of the various tax laws and governing guidelines, which will bring you significant savings.

Our consultancy is based on an essential principle: work "with the customer" and not "for the customer." This means that, in consulting projects, we work in conjunction with the client organization, "detecting the problem or identifying the need" as in "the building of the solution or carrying out the corresponding organizational change" that is required by the strategic objectives of the company’s top management.