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Information Technology

In the current business climate, investment in technology alone is not a guarantee to be competitive. An organization must apply the information technologies in an effective manner to contribute to reaching its objectives. Consulting services are centered on results, to allow a more adequate and effective management of the IT resources, turning them into a key business asset.

Why choose PKF Mexico?

Our firm offers a diverse range of IT consulting services, which are aligned to the global goals of the organization. Likewise, our professional teams are capable of evaluating the performance of information technologies, judging the extent in which they contribute to generating value, and if applicable, suggest the most viable solutions.

We have experience and knowledge on the needs that organizations may have in matters of IT in the various aspects of the business climate in which they are performed, and from the initial test of the specific needs of each organization, we make sure that the solutions we propose are the most adequate for our clients.

The IT solutions must be practical, accessible, and designed to respond to the specific needs of each organization. Our consultancy helps our clients avoid investing in expensive products that do not respond appropriately to their business requirements.

Our services

The IT consulting area at PKF México can help organizations generate value through the following services:

  • Systems strategic planning.
  • Selection and implementation of technological solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, BI, GRC, BPM´s).
  • Take the virtual tour of Epicor’s ERP Solution
  • Management and control of IT projects.
  • Project QA of systems implementation
  • Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • Systems audit and process improvement
  • Outsourcing in the systems area
  • Management of IT infrastructure