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Tax Consultancy

Payment of taxes represents one of the most important expenditures for a corporation and for an individual.

On the one hand, current legislation and its constant changes are geared towards obtaining strict compliance with fiscal provisions and payment of taxes. On the other, a corporation's livelihood requires great efficiency in handling financial resources. Therefore, an in-depth analysis must be carried out as part of financial and strategic planning so as to optimize relative expenditures.

Legislation allows for different options so that, while strictly following its guidelines, one can obtain great savings or at least defer some of the payment. To do this, a company requires previous studies to be able to carry out pertinent modifications in a timely manner.
Due to our country's complicated tax structure, this service is extremely important to our clients.

Fiscal services include counseling as to legal procedures before different government agencies such as: preparation of resources for defense and criterion confirmation applications as well as offering the support necessary in case of governmental review.

We have a group of experts with ample experience in the fiscal area that allow us to advise our clients in order to gain the best options allowable under current fiscal legislation and within high professional standards.

  1. We answer questions posed by our clients regarding interpretation of fiscal legislation and its application to a specific operation.
  2. We represent our client before the pertinent treasury officials in order to obtain specific resolutions in their favor.
  3. We review and prepare tax declarations
  4. We collaborate with the auditors studying any fiscal consequences deriving from operations registered by the client.
  5. We collaborate with legal representatives in the case of a lawsuit.
  6. We send out bulletins giving continuous information related to any changes or interesting aspects of fiscal legislation.
  7. We offer strategic fiscal planning for the corporation as well as the individual businessman.
  8. We make our Internet Webpage available, giving continuous information related to any changes or interesting as aspects of fiscal legislation.